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Never Seen Before! Clone of Best ecommerce Script

The innovation of the World Wide Web (WWW) hasn’t just given a window to the world, but has given an opportunity to earn money in Internet. Now trend, the most people choose online shops to buy products and services. Having an online shop is a profitable business.

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If you would like to get your business success, you should open online shop too. Owning an
online shop doesn’t matter but that must be worked parallel with all user interests. If you’re going to open online store with clone online store script, it is simple & easy to use and it will not take too much time, you can create your favor online shop within 1 hour with business profit. It may be take commonly few days with dependence on the quantity of products updation and on the complexity of design.

If you took a decision to create an online store of your own, you should undertake the following moves. First of all, you need to choose the domain name. The domain name may be whatever you like, but try to make it interesting and attractive.

Choose some Best Clone ecommerce website script. While choosing Best Clone website scripts, should keep aware of this best clone ecommerce website scripts!

Fantacy – A Clone of is very familiar online shopping cart in this online shopping world. So they’re hitting by user friendly & best ecommerce sales in their script functionality. In this, they used clone version of and it includes with more user friendly features. See into that website. Contact them to include your store demands on this script. Simple, flexible and innovative Script! It is Social multi vendor online shopping cart script is designed to make it easy for people to become entrepreneurs.

Clone Script additional features:
 Being a buyer:
Buyers can access products through the web portal or through their phones using our native mobile apps. Buyer sign-ups will be free. They can share products via social media, and can also be a seller if they have merchant account.

 Being a Seller…
Every seller will have an add option to insert products after account verification. Sales takes place either directly from the buyer to seller or from the buyer to admin based on the options enabled in this script setting.

User friendly Shopping cart

Multi-language & Multi-currency support

 Coupons & Group Gifts

Referral Program & Buyer

Apple iOS & Android Native Apps

Winelo – A Clone of is the best ecommerce website in ecommerce solutions. This script brings a unique presence to the products that you and your visitors have affiliate links. In this, they used clone version of and its include with more user friendly features. See into that website. Contact them to include your store demands on that script.

Clone Script Additional features:
 Being administrator…
As an administrator you can add your affiliate product list and also you can add your own product for selling. Also as a multi vendor ecommerce script you can allow your sellers also to add product for selling and make commission out of it.

 Being affiliate user…
Create a member signup and start adding your products from your favorite website and get them notified by millions of people, make a story and create hype, start counting the sales from your account and start earning.

 Multiple Currencies Support

Android App

iPhone App

As soon as you can do it your online shop is ready to use with these Hitasoft clone eCommerce script……
Happy.. Start Up


Best eCommerce script to make everything easier and perfect

An eCommerce or electronic commerce script is very advantageous for people and making people’s life easier. These scripts are used over internet for purchasing and selling products. This is the reason why people use eCommerce script and use their time in different other works. Some people believe that only a few applications are used for online services, but they are completely wrong. A large number of scripts can be used in the various fields such as Internet marketing, Fund transfer, Supply chain management, Inventory management system, Electronic data interchange and many others.

How multivendor eCommerce script are used?
These days, people are using androids and other smart phones in which apps are quite simple to use. These apps are user interface and thus used by almost all users to make their life simpler and easier. The main motto of this script is what the seller or buyer want they get through scripts. The multi vendor eCommerce script is a collection of products and services of retailers from all parts of the world. Hence, multi vendor eCommerce software has been developed for users to take the advantage from anywhere across the world. There are many features provided by eCommerce scripts and individuals need to identify and know that which one will be the best from them. Even a buyer should also go through the features to get the exact benefit that he is looking for.

What is the importance of the PHP eCommerce script?
It is a well known fact that there are many small enterprises who work hard to earn profit. If anyone knows that how e-commerce can make changes in his life, then he will surely take the advantage of it. Moreover, with the help of different applications through the internet any merchant or customer can take advantage. One of the most important benefit for small enterprises to boost up his business is PHP eCommerce script. PHP is very much user friendly and open source software and with the help of this any merchant can easily start their business through online with least of cost.

Selection of best eCommerce script
There are many scripts and software available for the users in the market, but you should select the one which is best for the users. The individuals require many things to get earings from the e-commerce website such as design, theme, configuration, setting along with management in account and many other factors that are convenient and flexible. Selection of best

eCommerce script is completely helpful as it provides successful platform for the users.

Fantacy Social ecommerce Script – An Entertaining Shopping Experience

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Social shopping is the new trend in the online shopping industry. Unlike the traditional format, the new creation ensures the real fun of shopping in the virtual world. With the social platforms, changing the way people communicate and share things, shopping in the same procedure is entirely a new experience. People have the chance to buy products from different merchants, follow people and products. The achievement of the platform depends on the script. Writing a script is a challenging task. It requires a team of experienced professionals. The other way to get the social ecommerce script is through fantacy cloning.

Cloning, as we know, is a process of creating a replica of the original. The same concept is applicable across the software industry. The clone script allows a team of developers to clone the script of a popular social ecommerce website. Such action reduces a greater burden on writing the script. Moreover, it becomes easy to alter the coding according to the business in terms of appearance, performance and volume. Fantacy clone script is available in different packages that suits different needs of the company. With the availability of the clone script, any person can become an entrepreneur.

The best part of the clone software is the collection of features. Plenty of features are included in the script, and it takes about a few hours for the web portal to go live on the internet. Fundamental features include user management, merchant management, dispute management, payment gateway management, order management and authority over settings. The power to control the overall software depends on the selection of the package and user type. An admin gains complete access while the user receives only limited functionality. Therefore, understanding the business volume, investment and future expansion plan is an essential requirement to consider the social ecommerce script.

The social ecommerce script from fantacy operates efficiently and ensures smooth functioning. The reliable service offers extensive help all through the day, providing support behind the scene. Such assistance is necessary for an individual, as smooth functioning of the website is the only way to bring both dealers and users on-board. Becoming a webmaster or admin further escalates the task of control. The admin can look over the theme change, account management, commission setup, sub-administrators, and profile management, scheduling discussions, and reviewing the progress. A better script ensures that the software functions efficiently in hosting several products from different merchants.

The social ecommerce script is a legitimate action to run a business. The ease of hosting the commerce website provides an excellent opportunity for individuals to setup a new business. However, the success relies on the business model and future expansion. Therefore, possessing the layout of the business, its volume, investment and targeted audience, portrays a clear picture. It helps in selecting an appropriate clone script with essential features. Good performance of the website benefits in enhancing the market share, reputation and thereby increasing the profits. Fulfilling the need of the customer makes a significant difference of any company.

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